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Exclamation 7 Peaple Took A Ride

I am she as you are he as you are me and we are all TO-Gether.......
Originally Posted by zen_anarchy View Post
Brain Cheese Buffet this book is in no way educational ,enlightening or spiritual it is a completion of Edward Lee's most disturbing and freakishly perverted horror stories..

Not a book for the faint hearted or religious fundies but I've enjoyed it's sick and twisted tales ,worth reading if you have an interest in horror stories that actually disturb you...
HA-m I 3lear? O-h, A-SU T he WA-ters O-f Ennis, sir... Let US Drink, T hen, TO- T he Irish.. No Finer Race of Men have Eve r.. PeA-pled a PO-TA-TO-e.. he 6irst Records of the Manor of CramLingTon 3ome into Xistence..

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