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Lightbulb Place of the Skully

Decay is inherent in all component things..These Red and White Drops do not separate until the time of 4eath...

A Practitioner with Actual aTTainment Will Transform the Wine into Nectar, and the Meat into 3leansed 6ood...

Knights T emplar October 13 (10+13 = 23) is the Month and day that the Knight Templars were arrested in France..The Templars had only 23 Grandmasters. Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last of the Templar GrandMasters..

At the channel-centres there are white and red drops, upon which physical and mental health are based. The white is predominant at the top of the head and the red at the solar plexus. These drops have their origin in a white and red drop at the heart centre, and this drop is the size of a SMALL PEA and has a White top and Red bottom. It is called the indestructible drop, since it lasts until death. The very subtle life-bearing wind dwells inside it and, at death, all winds ultimately dissolve into it, whereupon the clear light vision of death dawns...They are described as the pure essence of the essential FLUIDS of the Male and Female, having evolved from the original White drop of the father and Red drop of the Mother... ELse Here Kum Down to EArth O-M A 3Loud...

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