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Originally Posted by sarge sharpei View Post
Doesnt sound like a Vienesse art student. Text: Tex Rubinowitz
artists are a cover for part of the demolition team.
... violation
...cases that lined the walls of the space they were using were the same markings used for a special fuse holder assembly that allows for complex wiring?

additionally the reference to colored coded fuses is in their drawing. Um yeah, just what an "artist" would care about
Their demo /drawings plan, verbatim here:
___ 2B a fact
____Crimson red the act was a crime against corporate law
____Deco Aqua It was supposed to stay a matter of taste
____French gray The woman photographer (used/spoke did it in a French way
____Blush It was a moment of amazing exposure
____Sky Blue The distance was vast at that height
____Canary yellow Everyone was very nervous
They are skilled in construction , architecture and demolition, you can watch their vids above.
Jews live in Vienna, too.

I thought you knew that LMCC is a Zionist front. They are from Austria, but could be Israeli. I didn't hear the story about Gelitin until I had learned about Hollow Towers & The B-Thing in Sept. 2010. I not only had not heard of Gelitin but neither did I hear of Gelitin being questioned. The group was questioned & released according to the Core of Corruption video. (I don't know where Gelitin lived in 2001. The B-Thing was staged in March 2000) Regular New Yorkers had no idea of the goings of The B-Thing. The B-Thing was done on a SUNDAY. No one is downtown on Sunday.

911 researchers became aware of Gelitin only after Charles Drago, from Rhode Island, bought the Gelitin book in 2003 in Europe. When he finally read it 3 years later, he made The B-Thing known by posting it in a forum. in 2007. I never learned how 911 researchers found the post or how they learned about The B-Thing. Gelatin - "The B Thing" - Started by Charles Drago, Sep 14 2007

It was more than a prank. But, prank was the cover story for what they did that Sunday. Gelitin knew what they were doing (scraping out a window) was illegal. That is why they denied doing the B-Thing. They were afraid of being arrested, then deported. Gelitin hid their work area with cardboard boxes so that no one could see what they were doing. That is why they did it on a Sunday morning. No one could see what they were doing. The group leader denied that it happened to avoid being deported. Gelitin note are in the (I have to look up the link).

How do you know fuses were in the carton along the wall??? I never heard that. Is it true?

re I had never seen this page of videos. Was this ADDED INFORMATION, or did I overlook the video references?

The illusion of planes were part of the planned ritual. Ernst Fuchs painted "Psalm 69" from 1956 -1960. Egg tempera medium. I wonder if the egg tempera had some meaning.

Look at the painting, Fuchs painted the towers, a plane approaching the tower & a devil's face on one of the towers. PLANES had to be in the Mega Ritual if only just as an illusion. Diego Rivera painted murals for Rockefellers in the Rockefeller Center in 1933-34. Rivera painted a PLANE with PROPELLERS--the only type plane at that time. Was it foreshadowing/lessor magic for 911? Is the plane is in the lobby from where the Today Show is broadcast foreshadowing of 911? Is that Rockefeller plane painting repeated in the Ernst Fuchs painting (below)? [I did an Internet search for the Rockefeller Center plane painting, but could not find a photo. Today show is broadcast from 49 W. 48th St., NYC Rockefeller building.]

Ernst Fuchs painted "Psalm 69" from 1956-60. The plane painted in' Rockefeller Center is by Diego Rivera. Foreshadowing is also called Lesser Magic.

The famous smoke devil face is in Fuchs painting! Did Fuchs paint the painting over 4 years as a ritual? 4 is an important number for occultists/witches.

"Psalm 69" egg tempera and oil by Ernst Fuchs (1956-1960)

There is even the famous smoke devil face in Fuchs painting!

Ernst Fuchs (born February 13, 1930) is an Austrian (Jewish) visionary painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, architect, stage designer, composer, poet, singer and one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.

I didn't know the colors written on the WTC tower drawing with notes referred to bomb fuse codes. Where did you learn that & how did you know the cartons contained bomb fuses? Were those videos always in their website? I missed seeing them the last time I was at that site.

You mentioned Atta-stolen passport in yout post. It's in this video: - ART STUDENTS in WTC Connected to ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, Investigation by

FALLING MAN filled another ritual

Why jumpers were staged were to fulfill the tarot card of falling man. The jumpers had a ritualistic purpose. Cutouts of people pasted on a fake background of an alleged WTC building were synchronistic rituals. (If you look at the copy & pastes of the men falling, you will notice each is a posed position.)
The 9/11 Falling Man In The Tarot

The alleged sister of the alleged falling man (Jonathan Briley), Gwendolyn Briley-Strand is an actress. On her resume Gwendolyn put FEMA under commercials. Those smaltsy, whiney videos re victims were FEMA productions.

The Falling Man - Richard Drew - AP
This building is not real. Anyone can see that this is a fake rendering of a building. Only a man in full rigor could fall with his leg bent. This is a cutout of a man pasted on a fake photo. It represents the hanged man of a tarot deck of cards.

The Falling Man, the Hanged Man, The Lightning Struck Tower

"There is also a tarot card called the Lightning Struck Tower. In this card a force from the heavens hits a tower, like jets striking the Twin Towers. Circles in the air are debris flung into the sky as people fall from the tower. This card has its own Falling Men."

"Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or the power of symbolism. With so many photos, why did this one Falling Man photograph strike a chord and become an icon of 9/11? It possesses an innate symbolism. The Jungian collective unconscious works in mysterious ways. And it repeats itself."

"Or whoever created the tarot hundreds of years ago planned 9/11. That would be mother-of-all conspiracy theories."
More information on the Hanged Man Tarot Card (reason for staged jumpers)
Please see link for more information.
THE HANGED MAN Basic Card Symbols

A man hanging by one foot from a bar or tree. His free leg is always bent to form an inverted "4," his face is always peaceful, never suffering. Sometimes his hands are bound, sometimes they dangle. Sometimes coins fall out of his pockets or hands (draining money from the victim by NWO).

[4 is an important/favorite number of occultist/masons Beyonce & Jay-Z. They even named their child Blue Ivy (IV, roman numeral 4]

Basic Tarot Meaning

With Neptune (or Water) as its planet, the Hanged Man is perhaps the most fascinating card in the deck. At #12, it is the opposite of the World card, #21. With the World card you go infinitely out. With the Hanged Man, you go infinitely in.

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