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Exclamation Sediment TeeT

The best, most effective way to remove heavy metals from the body on a daily basis is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH OR CLAY. A research doctor found the purest, food grade source called “Fossil Flour” at It costs penies a day and has no known contraindications if taken in distilled water, on an EMPTY stomach. Most people seem to do well with about one-tablespoon per day. The clay is rich in silica which assists many body functions. It should be stored in glass, or paper, not plastic. The research doctor found most of the diatomaceous earth compromised with metals and other toxins, even ones sold in the health stores. This source comes from the bottom of a deep lake in Utah and seems to have been protected from environmental pollution...

Everyone felt sorry for Billy Milk...

"Johnny Orsi's cummin mam

In his likkle ice-cream van!

Can I have a ninety nine?

Or a nuggit wafer will do fine.

Or mun I have a frozzen Jubbly

An orange lolly would be luvly.

A double cornet would be grand

But it allus melts aw deawn mi hand.

Perhaps I'll have Pendleton's Twicer.

We aw know that there's nowt that's nicer.

I'll have a tub wi raspberry on... the Best will do for.. Crazy Orsi's...

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