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Lightbulb Skully

Drinking the nectar of blood from the kapala in her left hand symbolizes her experience of the clear light of bliss..

In her form as Vajravārāhī, when she is known as 'the Vajra Sow' she is often pictured with a sow's head on the side of her own as an ornament and in one form has the head of a sow herself. Vajrayoginī is often associated with triumph over ignorance, the pig being associated with ignorance in Buddhism... This sow head relates to the origins of Vajravārāhī from the Hindu sow-faced goddess Vārāhī.. Song Dynasty emperor Huizong sends a gift of Chinese musical instruments for use in royal banquets to the Goryeo court of Korea, by request from the Goryeo king Yejong...

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