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Exclamation R 1144 B Ritual

Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post

The Black & Red Ritual..
Eyes Wide Shut- The Black & Red Ritual - YouTube
The Liberation Through Hearing During The Intermediate State bardo "liminality"; thodol as "liberation", sometimes translated as Liberation Through Hearing or Bardo Thodol is a funerary text. It is often referred to in the West by the more casual title, Tibetan Book of the Dead, a name which draws a parallel with the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, another funerary text...
Bardo Thodol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This video is unavailable...Sorry abouT ThaT..Sr OO GeS..
All Tee world's a sTage..
And all Tee men and women merely players...
They have Their exiTs and Their enTrances..
And one man in his Time plays many parTs...

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