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Originally Posted by damienduffy View Post
By that time he has already flown blindly at whatever height above the clouds to arrive at this pinpoint location on the map.

I would say that it would be a great trick (for an inexperienced pilot) to come out of the clouds and be in line with the target but as we were told this was an exceptionally acrobatic inexperienced pilot so he didn't need to (so they that calls themselves "We"say).
Having 'allegedly' hijacked the plane, Hanjour performed a near 360 degree turn at 30,000 feet 300 miles away from the Pentagon, another huge turn was performed looping flight 77 completely around the Pentagon in a descending loop, before leveling out at 20 - 50 feet above ground level on the final approach.

Hanjour had a pilots licence but was considered to be grossly inexperienced and had 0 hours flying large Boeing jets.

Why he chose to hijack @ 300 miles out from DC when the plane took off 20 miles away from the Pentagon is a mystery.

According to Pilots for truth who published that flight 77's cockpit door was never opened in-flight, the door was recorded every few seconds and remained closed for the entire flight.

Question has to be asked: if you are coming out of the clouds and intending on bombing the worlds most protected military HQ - why perform such an elaborate approach when a direct 'dive bomb' intent at impacting centrally into the target would have been a more probable projection and offer less room for error? Once the plane is in a dive-bomb nothing is going to stop it - Hanjour's approach was at best folly given his inexperience and complexity of the approach.
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