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Right who's Nicked that video !!!

The NCO corps usually includes all grades of corporal and sergeant; in some countries, warrant officers also carry out the duties of NCOs. The naval equivalent includes some or all grades of petty officer, although not all navies class their petty officers as NCOs. There are different classes of non-commissioned officer, including junior non-commissioned officers (JNCO) and senior (or staff) non-commissioned officers (SNCO)...
Weapons Storage and Security System (WS3) is a system including electronic controls and vaults built into the floors of Protective Aircraft Shelters (PAS) on several United States and NATO military airfields all over the world... These vaults are used for safe special weapons storage, typically of tactical B61 nuclear bombs. Historically the system was in NATO also called the Weapon Security and Survivability System (WS3) or Weapons Survivability and Security System...215 WS3 vaults were built for the United States Air Forces in Europe at 13 sites in seven countries. Additionally 34 WS3 vaults were built for the Royal Air Force to store the WE.177 nuclear bomb; 10 at RAF Br├╝ggen in Germany and 24 at RAF Marham in Britain..

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