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Originally Posted by 5swan View Post
a personal reflection of a 32nd degree

i joined \for the reasons advertised to me... "to make a good man better" etc., also for brotherhood, for new friendships, and for esoteric knowledge. i dismissed all the talk about the Luciferian stuff.

in the beginning/i felt empowered by being associated with a group who had similar interests... namely to serve fellow men (blue lodge) ... and the country (Scottish Rite) ...

i could not\ figure out where to go to study the esoteric, so i decided to study it myself... during this study... i began to wonder if the dark side of masonry really existed... the more i looked into it, the more uncomfortable it became...

five years ago/ i moved to a house at intersection of 33rd PL and 33rd ST - thought it was cool then. But, in hindsight, a lot of bad things happened while living in that house... and i wonder if i were placed there... from the symbolism of the number 33... at first i thought it was an interesting coincidence.... now i wonder if there is such thing as 'coincidence'

Once i \was verbally reprimanded for speaking up in an executive meeting...when i offered an alternative plan.. i was told that the only words expected from me were basically... 'yes sir, master' After this incident, i felt trapped by an unseen power structure... i also learned that any perception of not-obeying the master can be punished... sometimes severely.. involving 'etheric' energy...
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