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Arrow Waving Flags

Originally Posted by skaff View Post
Tough to find a real one of any name to be fair!
Not far wrong on that one...

One thing I have noticed those extremist Rascal groups like waving Flags around,reminds me of the Flag saga in Northern Ireland

They are still living in caves..The rebels had looted the town, making off with the doors and air-conditioners from his administrative put in the Caves

I think its time to Ignore Black Panther..he appears to have superiority complex..I reckon he has a black panther team working on those transcripts..

Ansar Dine (Arabic: أنصار الدين‎ ʾAnṣār ad-Dīn, also transliterated Ançar Deen) means "helpers of the (Islamic) religion" or "defenders of the faith" in Arabic. Ansar Dine remains the title of two separate Islamic organizations. The first, is an Islamist group led by Iyad Ag Ghaly, one of the most prominent leaders of the Tuareg rebellion in the 1990s. He is suspected of having ties with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (as well as other splinter Islamist groups) which is led by his cousin Hamada Ag Hama. Ansar Dine wants the imposition of strict Sharia law across Mali. The group's first action was in March 2012.The group is opposed to Sufi shrines.The group seeks to impose sharia law across Mali, including the Azawad region. Witnesses have said that Ansar Dine fighters wear long beards and fly black flags with the Shahada (Islamic creed) inscribed in white..

Stay Asleep Until We Meet Again...

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