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Former Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Booth recalls the hunt for multiple killer Donald Neilson, the so-called Black Panther, whose reign of terror culminated in the kidnap and murder of teenage heiress Lesley Whittle in 1975. Only after Neilson's arrest did it emerge that he had previously killed three sub-postmasters and a security guard, and carried out hundreds of armed robberies..After his daughter's birth, Nappey changed the family name to Neilson so that the little girl would not suffer the bullying and abuse he had endured at school and in the army because of his surname's similarity to the word \KAPPY\/NAPPY/\...
The man who armed the Black Panthers turns out to have been an FBI informant. FBI files, uncovered by journalist Seth Rosenfeld, reveal that Richard Aoki, a prominent activist in the 1960s who was the first to supply the Black Panthers with guns and weapons training, was also an undercover FBI source. A mysterious character who always sported sunglasses, even at night, Aoki was a militant leader of the Third World Strike and an activist with the Asian American Political Alliance at UC Berkeley.The revelation about Aoki's role as an informant emerged from FBI files obtained by Rosenfeld and an interview with the FBI agent who says he recruited Aoki. Rosenfeld has spent the last 30 years researching the history of the FBI and radicals in Berkeley for his new book, "Subversives," published August 21st...Learn how the Vatican created Islam...Now, the square and the cube are both important and significant symbols in Freemasonry...

Islam’s roots are in Christianity and Judaism and therefore Babylon...

To complete the trio, along came the skull-cap-wearing Muslims and the creed of Islam, inspired by the ‘Prophet’ Mahomet (Mohammed) when he had a ‘vision’ in the year 612. Once more we find that Islam’s roots are in Christianity and Judaism and therefore Babylon. Muslims see Islam as an updated continuation of the Judeo-Christian stream and they, too, trace their ancestry back to our old mate, Abraham, who is said to have emerged from the Sumerian city of Ur and headed for Egypt. They believe that Abraham built the Kaaba, the sacred shrine at Mecca, and the focus of pilgrimage for Muslims all over the world. But it was in fact originally a Pagan temple of goddess (Semiramis) worship featuring the famous Black Stone. W. Wynn Westcott, founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, wrote in his work, The Magical Mason, that the Black Stone supposed to have been brought to Mecca by Abraham, was used originally for ancient Pagan ritual. Again you see Brotherhood symbolism in this ‘new’ religion...The symbols of the crescent and the curved sword, the scimitar, are identified with the Moon and Venus, the Morning Star, the term used for Lucifer. Venus was also a title for Queen Semiramis. Muslims have bought the idea that Moses, King David and Jesus were divine prophets sent by the one All Mighty God, when in fact all three are Brotherhood inventions. Their holy book, the Koran, which was supposed to be inspired by God, mentions Jesus in 93 verses and treats him as a living person. Islam was created by the same Brotherhood networks as the Christian religions, to further imprison, divide and rule. Mohammed was the last prophet and therefore, the Muslims reckon, the most valid. As such, all Christians and Jews should convert to Islam, the orthodox Muslims demand. The term, Jihad, is the ‘Holy War’ that Muslims are urged to wage against all who do not accept the creed of Mohammed. How fitting that Islam means ‘to submit or surrender’ and Muslim means ‘one who submits’. Some of the bloodiest conflict in history has resulted from the desire of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to impose their creed on each other, when they all come from the same source and the same manipulation! Excuse me, did I come in late and miss something? Beam me up Scotty, get me out of here...

The Islamic god Allah is the same ‘god’, the Muslims say, as the Judeo-Christian, Jehovah. The Koran is the Islamic holy book, but Muslims also give credence to the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament attributed to Moses. In truth they were written by the Levites after Babylon and not by ‘Moses’, which was a title in the Egyptian mystery schools. Is it really a coincidence that these three massive prisons of the mind, suppressors of the female, and creators of bloody conflict, should all come from the same part of the world? Or that people having visions and visitations should play such a crucial part in the formation and legend which created these monsters? Mohammed said he had his vision near the cave where he used to go. Caves and dark places constantly recur in stories of religious superstars and Sun gods like Mithra and Jesus. Mohammed said his visitor claimed to be the Angel Gabriel of biblical fame and during the encounter Mohammed said he lost consciousness and entered a trance state. While Mohammed was in his trance or hypnotic state, ‘Gabriel’ gave him a message to remember and recite. Mohammed said that when he awoke the message was inscribed upon his heart. What followed the encounter with ‘Gabriel’ was a bloodbath spanning the centuries to the present day, as Mohammed and his successors sought to impose their creed on the world. Islam is not the opposite of Christianity and Judaism, they are all ‘oppo-sames’: the same state of mind with a different name, ultimately controlled by the same people, the reptilians. Islam is another mystery school religion, its texts written in esoteric code for the masses to take literally. There were times in later centuries when some of this secret knowledge was allowed into the public domain by more enlightened Muslim leaders and this was the inspiration for the advanced societies and science which came out of Muslim Spain and Baghdad. Today, part of the Brotherhood Agenda is to stimulate conflict with the Islamic nations by causing division between the Muslim and Christian-Jewish world..David Icke; The Biggest Secret...

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