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Lightbulb Lady Vain

Plaxtol is a small village of about 1,000 residents in Kent. The River Bourne flows through the parish, and formerly powered three watermills in Plaxtol - Winfield Mill (corn), Longmill (corn) and Roughway Paper Mill..Although there is no longer a bakery in the village, there is a primary school, a Cromwellian church, a grocer, a butcher and a pub..Yopps Green to the north is sometimes referred to as a hamlet in its own right is just by Das Boot Wood, on the way to Sheet Hill...Yopps Green is a hamlet in the Sevenoaks District, in the county of Kent, England..
A ship named the Lady Vain collided with a derelict and resulted in the deaths of all crew and passengers with the exception of his uncle, "a private gentleman" named Edward Prendick. His uncle was then found eleven months and four days later adrift in a boat belonging to a missing ship named the Ipecacuanha. Although at first he gave a fantastic account of the eleven month interim, he later claimed to have no memory of it..he is one of the four men thought to have made it to a lifeboat after the Lady Vain sank, although he asserts that there were in fact only three men; the fourth drowned attempting to join them,They drift for six days until they can stand the starvation and thirst no longer, and one of them, Helmar, broaches the subject of cannibalism.....
Approximately 63% of the land in Plaxtol belongs to the Fairlawne Estate, now belonging to the Saudi-Arabian Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal. Many residents of Plaxtol believe in the long lasting myth of 'The Haunting of Lady Vain', described by many as a tall, fair, middle aged lady, dressed in a white gown, galloping around on her white horse. Many residents of Plaxtol claim to have witnessed her in first person, galloping through the fields of which once belonged to her, which was of course the Fairlawns Estate. Others claim to have heard her high pitched song, piercing through the summer night air..

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