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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
Seeing you make so many claims,then why dont you show yourself,like mistress mason did,all dressed up with her little fig leaf apron on
Well, here are some photos.

Here I am with two Jobies at my Commandery's Annual Christmas Observance (Dec 2012)

Here I am in my Lodge just after getting installed as Tyler for my Lodge and the Idaho Lodge of Research (Dec 2012)

A good Brother of mine and I standing around just after a cornerstone dedication where I acted as the Senior Grand Steward (Aug 2010)

Here I am just after my initiation into the Red Cross of Constantine (May 2012)

Here I am just after one of the meetings for my York Rite College (Dec 2011)

I'm in my traveling Master's Apron at Grand Lodge (Sep 2009)

When I get initiated into St. Thomas of Acon and Knight Masons, and also when I get installed as Grand Chaplain of the Grand Council, I'll post more pictures just for you.
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