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Arrow Real Resistance by Real Women

"Hehalutz women captured with weapons" !!!

The Stroop Report is a 75-page official report prepared in May 1943 by Jürgen Stroop, commander of the forces that liquidated the Warsaw Ghetto, for the SS chief Heinrich Himmler. It documented the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Originally titled The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is No More! (Es gibt keinen jüdischen Wohnbezirk in Warschau mehr!), it is commonly referred to as "The Stroop Report"...

The leader of the grand operation" !!!
Jürgen Stroop, (born Josef Stroop, September 26, 1895 in Detmold, Germany — died March 6, 1952 in Warsaw, Poland), was a high-ranking Nazi Party and SS official during World War II. He was best known for his role in liquidating the Warsaw Ghetto and for his book-length account of the operation: a document originally titled The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More. Following Germany's defeat, Stroop was sentenced to death for war crimes by a US military tribunal during the Dachau Trials in 1947. He was later extradited to Poland where he was also tried and convicted of crimes against humanity. He was hanged by Polish authorities in 1952...

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