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Maybe the Tavistock Group wrote it(Mein Kampf),like Adorno and crew wrote songs for certain well known Rock/Music bands,with a little help from wall street fraternities..who slide on here...
Estulin - People choose to believe what they’re told, because if you believe that there's a man behind the curtain doing all these things, then your entire world just folds up on itself and you realise you have been living a goddam lie all your life. I have actually seen documents written by Adorno to the executive director of EMI27,which aside from selling CDs and vinyl, is an important member of the British armament industry...
Adolf Hitler spent five months in Liverpool, wandering around the city and relaxing in the Poste House pub, pint in hand..

He also enjoyed a sightseeing tour of London and was so fascinated by Tower Bridge that he bribed his way into the engine room so he could see the machinery at work...

The claims come from an author exploring a long-held theory that the 23-year-old Hitler shared a flat in the city before World War I..

Theodor Ludwig Adorno-Wiesengrund was born in Frankfurt am Main on September 11, 1903, the only child of Oscar Alexander Wiesengrund (1870–1946) and Maria Calvelli-Adorno della Piana (1865–1952). His mother, a devout Catholic from Corsica, was once a professional singer, while his father, an assimilated Jew who had converted to Protestantism, ran a successful wine-export business..He was a leading member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory, whose work has come to be associated with thinkers such as Ernst Bloch, Walter Benjamin, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse, for whom the work of Freud, Marx and Hegel were essential to a critique of modern society...

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