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Default Timelines

To help put SoVile’s abuse history in context and link it, initially, with his affiliations with politicians, I’ve just compiled a short history of who was who and when, in respect of our research here. This is not to ignore – and certainly not to forget the 100’s of other childrens’ care homes investigated for abuse of their innocent victims.

1960 Jersey boys renamed Haut de la Garenne
1961 – Conservative Monday Club founded
1970 – 1974 – Edward Heath P.M.
1970’s – 1990 Elm Guest house – gay then paedo brothel
1973 Kincora first accusations of abuse by Wallace.
1974-1976 – Harold Wilson
1974-1990 Bryn Estyn children abused
1975 – Thatcher becomes Conservative party leader
1976-1979 Callaghan
1979 – 1991 Thatcher
1980 Kincora abuse first reported in 1980
1981 HdLG report says home not economically viable should be closed or modified as the number of children were ‘declining’
1982 Elm Guest house raided
1985 Judge Hughes reported after his lengthy public inquiry on Kincora.The view that there was a more extensive 'ring' operating at the home was not accepted.
1986 HdLG closed
1990 Carol Kasir of Elm Guest House found dead
1994 Jillings report
2000 Waterhouse report into Bryn Estyn
2004 HdLG refurbished as a youth hostel
2006 HdLG subject of covert police investigation

As I try and piece some bits together. I found this helped me focus. Any amendments - please feel free. Will add to it - Northern Ireland story is important - Louis Battenberg blown up - lots could be added - suggestions and edits via anyone are welcome.
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