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Originally Posted by northernlass View Post
god cant remember off top of my hat now but on the "list" i was investigating someone and the end of the programme ended in Saltburn but couldnt find anything sinister about that so didnt bring it up? will trawl through my posts later.
I do have some family related info regarding Saltburn and suspected dodgy activity (uncle photographer) but 3rd party and doubt related to Savile
LB was MP for Cleveland and Whitby (which does indeed include Saltburn). He was elected in 1974.

From Bridlington to Redcar (along the coast) is Jaconelli icecream land

It was JS' cousins (the Kelly family) who rented 'The Cottage' in Saltburn - and he was a frequent visitor apparently. It is actually a mini-mansion in spite of its modest name. The Cottage is nick-named 'Teddy Nook' because in the 1870s Lillie Langtry entertained the future Edward VII there.

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