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Used to own banks in Russia and Moldova, and set up nearly forty companies in security, construction, real estate and finance. He was accused of embezzlement by the Moldovan government. He later moved to the Isle of Dogs, London. In March 2012, he was shot by a hitman. He was in a coma..
In 2009 Dubai police accused Delimkhanov of being behind the assassination of another Yamadayev brother, Sulim, in Dubai. US diplomatic cables suggest the Kremlin's Chechen proxies, led by Kadyrov, are behind a string of killings abroad in Austria, Turkey and the Gulf states..In reality, all clues in the Gorbuntsov case point to Moscow, and to a murky, interconnected world of business, politics and organised crime...The raiders boasted of their links to Russia's FSB spy agency and to a mafia boss nicknamed "Mad Max"..
The Isle of Dogs was connected to the rest of London by the London and Blackwall Railway, opened in 1840 and progressively extended thereafter. In 1902, the ferry to Greenwich was replaced by the construction of the Greenwich foot tunnel, and Island Gardens park was laid out in 1895 providing views across the river...A secondary school, called George Green's School is located on the southern tip of the Island, at Manchester Road, near Island Gardens. It is a Specialist Humanities School..

Welcome to our guide for the area around Byng Street in Tower Hamlets. Below we present a selection of upcoming events, local attractions and great places to eat and shop..The nearest station to Byng Street is Heron Quays which is about 6 minutes to the North West...Herons are also known as "shitepokes" , or euphemistically as "shikepokes" or "shypokes".For example, the term "shikepoke" appears in the 1931 play Green Grow the Lilacs, and in the 1943 musical play Oklahoma!.The OED also observes that "shiterow" or "shederow" are terms used for herons, and also applied as derogatory terms meaning a "thin weakly person".This name for a heron is found in a list of Gamebirds in a royal decree of James VI (1566–1625) of Scotland. The OED speculates that "shiterow" is a corruption of "shiteheron"...

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