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Lightbulb Re in Car Nation

Originally Posted by resistance View Post
I never did understand how watching pop music videos gave us a clear and comprehensive understanding of our history I must have missed something But anyway, whatever, if people want to get their history from sources that are of no more value than the information found from inside a Kinder suprise egg or the back of a corn flakes box then who am I to question it..
Do you have sources for your waffle,were you present when all these events took place,you seem to know an awful lot abott historical events that took place before you were even born,maybe you were present in a last life when all these events took place..

did you know the Nazis and other esoteric groups believe in rein car nation...

Maybe you should start a thread of your own about all these events,instead of hi jacking other peoples threads with your tantrums,seeing you are all knowing.
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