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Lightbulb Eva Princess

My Little Princess is a 2010 French-Romanian drama film directed by Eva Ionesco and inspired by her relationship with her mother, the well-known artistic photographer Irina Ionesco whose pictures of her young daughter aroused discussions when they were published back in the 1970s...

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It doesn't matter what you think.

You are here for my amusement, a pilloried clown for me to throw rotten tomatoes at.

Voila! You have just discovered your purpose for being.

Wasn't quite what you expected was it?
Violetta is raised by her grandmother. („Mamie“, the French equivalent for „Grandma“.) Her mother Hanna tries to make a living on making photographs and concentrates on her dreams to become a famous artist. In order to succeed as an artist she doesn't worry about dating men of questionable reputation. Only every now and then her mother visits her daughter but during these occasions it occurs to her that her daughter could be a potential model. She starts exploiting her daughter who by transforming into a kind of Lolita becomes increasingly alienated from other children of her age..

Eva Ionesco (born on 18 July 1965) is a French actress and film director, born in Paris. She is the daughter of Romanian-French photographer Irina Ionesco.Eva Ionesco made her movie d├ębut at the age of 11 in 1976, playing a child in Roman Polanski's movie The Tenant. A short time later she was cast in movies of the mid-1970s like Maladolescenza (also known as Puppy Love). In 1977 her mother lost custody of her children and Eva Ionesco was brought up by the parents of footwear designer Christian Louboutin. She tried three times to sue her mother for emotional distress, and the trial is still going on through various courts in France. In 1998 the French police confiscated from her mother's apartment hundreds of photographs in which she appears at the age of five in suggestive poses and in complete nudity...

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