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Originally Posted by planetbox View Post

Either way - awakening is happening and if yas have indeed known about these entities all this time... have fun with that. Because you would then be host to a dangerous and damaging conspiracy that has led to the deaths and torture of children around the world.
I think its better to ignore the deamonic so called masons on here,I for one dont even bother replying to their BS these days,if forum members from here went onto mason forums and behave the way they do on here with their trolling tactics etc they would not last 2 minutes..and the ones who keep engaging them are probably the same..I mean come on no one has had a straight answer from them in all the years they have been spamming here..they are here just to bait and inflame others with their nonsense,one liners and the same old repetitive its really pointless asking them questions,there are hundreds of threads with the same old nothing..

I mean in all honesty they could be jesuits/ nazis/radical Islamists/MI5/6 or some other self serving group are whatever with agendas,no one even knows who they even are...Good ness knows what they are like in the flesh going off their behiveour on here,not really a group I would like to associate with...they have never really posted anything of interest or truthful in all the years they have been spamming and insulting on this forum..they are just here to... 9 – Battle of Gamelsdorf: Louis the Bavarian defeats his cousin Frederick I of Austria...Wang Zhen, Chinese agronomist, government official, and inventor of wooden-based movable type printing, publishes the Nong Shu (Book of Agriculture)..Births/August 13 – Aradia di Toscano, female messianic figure in Italian witchcraft...

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