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Well, the Old Testament, remember, is all allegory of the rules that this system works by. It’s nothing to do with real people. And Cain and Abel – one represents the nomadic type that follows his herd; that’s Abel. He was able to do it, you know. You’ll find that Cain “could,” but he was static, in the beginning of what they called “civilization,” as the end of nomadic life and the beginning of agriculture; that’s what it means, when you get people static, together. Now they have homes; now you can own the homes, you can own the farms, you can own the land. Therefore it was a system coming in under the idea that they gave the name of Cain. Cain means king; cane means ruler actually; they used to use that in the school; the ruler was made out of cane, by the way, bamboo. And so you have the measuring of everything, the measuring, the weighing everything through cane. From Cain came King, and Kingu is what the ancient Mesopotamians called their king: Kingu – all these different variations of cane. However, Cain and Abel: Cain shows that he who had the will to kill off competition would become top, he’d become the top man. That’s what it really means – and you eat your enemy; in the ancient times you used to eat your enemy symbolically, and you took the power of that enemy into you. That was cannibalism: Cain-Abel – cainabel – cannibal...
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