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Any action is understood as creating "seeds" in the mind that will sprout into the appropriate result (Pāli vipaka) when met with the right conditions. Most types of karmas, with good or bad results, will keep one within the wheel of samsāra, while others will liberate one to nirvāna..In the western world, the classical form of bell is a church bell or town bell, which is hung within a tower...Fasting practices may preclude sexual intercourse and other activities as well as food...Prior to attaining Buddhahood, prince Siddhartha practiced a short regime of strict austerity -- following years of serenity meditation under two teachers..during which he consumed very little food. These austerities with five other ascetics did not lead to progress in meditation, liberation (moksha), or the ultimate goal of nirvana...

Bobby Sands died on 5 May 1981 in Maze prison hospital after 66 days of hunger-striking, aged 27...
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