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Exclamation To Bee Reborn
The experiences of white, red, and black require a little of background explanation. The red and the white elements are “bindu” or seeds given to a child by its male and female parents at the moment of conception..

The female element is connected to the moon, luminosity, and whiteness. It is stored in the brain center and is associated with the quality of desire. The male element is connected to the sun, radiance, and redness. It is stored in the sacral center and is associated with the quality of aggression. After the dissipation of the wind, the white essence descends from the brain to the heart-center. At this point, the dying person internally perceives a glow like luminous moonlight in an expansively dark sky.After the descent of the white, the red essence ascends from the sacrel center to the heart. During this point, the dying person experiences a glow like the radiance of the setting sun. When the two drops merge at the heart-center, there is the experience of utter darkness as a “sky full of bright dark-light” . This is the experience of the black. At this point, the dying person lose consciousness...

After the darkness descends within, the dying person, if he or she is attentive, may then experience one final stage of dying. This is the stage of imminence to trascendency. The consciousnes expands to a pure, non-dualistic state, and the dying person perceives the pure light of transparency. In the West, this stage has been associated with the “light at the end of the tunnel” that is such a hallmark of near-death experiences.. Arthur W...

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