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Exclamation Northern Shaft

Indo-Tibetan Varjayana views the human body as consisting of a coarse body made of six constituent elements of earth, water, fire, wind, space and consciousness and also of winds, channels and drops. There are many types of wind that move along the channels of the body. The 'life wind' (Tibetan:srog rlung ) is considered the most important. It is "the essence of life itself that animates and sustains all living beings".."To penetrate these points means to gather there the energy-winds and the subtle minds that ride on them, basically by means of different types of absorbed concentration focused on these spots." A practice that works with the winds is Tummo Tummy...

Tsa, 'channel' means hollow tube where blood, wind and consciousness can pass freely, for example body cavities such as blood vessels, the mouth and hollow organs. Tsa is a symbol of space, and it gives space to the consciousness and other components of body/mind to manifest themselves under transcendental and dualistic forms and colors. It is like a house for the consciousness. The space is limitless and boundless therefore its symbolic sign is the zero. Everything manifests from this zero or space and also dissolves into it.. For example, in mathematics, the zero keeps the first space for no. 1, which goes until 9 and returns back to the zero. It shows that all phenomena existence have the same space origin and ends at the same place. In fact, there is nothing which comes or goes to that state. Therefore Buddhism, as a symbolic language, calls Shunyata (voidness) what draws round zero. The space is a Thikle (round) in Tibetan, and Bindu in Sanskrit. It is the cause of the particle as well as the unlimited space nature. It is the base for everything and the innate nature of emptiness. This is called space particles as well as symbol of the body channels...

A rectangular channel, 8.6 inches wide and 8 inches high, was found leading 7 feet into the pyramid before turning upward at about a 32ยบ angle..The smoke stagnated in the northern shaft but disappeared into the southern shaft...Until this discovery, no one knew that the northern shaft extended to the north as far as the southern shaft goes to the south...
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