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Originally Posted by marny View Post
You can be sensitive towards animals and still molest children. Didnt Hitler like his animals I've read something about his love for animals, and he made animal testing illegal in Nazi-Germany Still think it will out like Saviles case did when he is not around.
Well this relates to the notion that maybe Hitler really has been somewhat misjudged. A bastard, probably. A bigger bastard than Camoron, Clagg, Bliar, Braaarn, Brush, Obanana, Raygun, Rothschimps, Piss Pot or whoever the fuck runs China? Really? Probably not.

Can you see what it is yet? Not really. Perhaps you could draw it whilst humming in and out digiridoo? Ovenden was good at putting it into pictures. McAlpine liked those. I quite like Schiele and The Lost Prophets. Aren't McVities Chocolate digestives expensive these days?

How anyone could be so depraved sexually is beyond me. I mean, I've stuck my finger up the ho hasional Buffy, but even on Iranian Test and underground havemorebol I've never once thought of inserting a bat up my arse. Perhaps if Nitro Circus did sex, a bat up the arse would merely be the start of The Games? Can all bats see in infrared, or is it only vampires, reptiles, and TV that can? The UK - can you see what it is yet? America - can you see what it is yet? China - can you see what it is yet? The world - can you see what it is yet? And she's buying a stairway to heav-v-en-n-n-n-ah.

Tie me digiridoo down Spot, tie me digreedoo down, tie me didgy-do down splunk, tie me balls tight to.

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