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Originally Posted by leon11 View Post
An interesting subject.

I think the systems of control which are in place around these circles of famous and influential people, make sure that the majority of the people within are not 'awakened' or well informed. It could cause problems for the controllers if these rich and influential people actually knew what to do with that power!
I even think they are methodically kept in a state of advanced mind control somehow.

For example, all the high-profile American celebrities seem to go to the very same tattoo artist when they get new tattoos (one Mr. Mark Mahoney). Now I know this industry very well, and Mark Mahoney (13-13, incidentally) is NOWHERE NEAR the best out there. Much of his work is shit! There is some other reason why they all go there. These people could afford the best, and find the best, without too much effort.
And I think the answer to that question is that he is 'trusted'. He is on the payroll so to speak, and a mind control victim himself. This ensures that they can keep the high profile celebs in the same, controlled circles...and not risk anyone's screws coming loose :/

just a thought
Don`t know much about the tattooing side but the "trusted circle" is interesting. For an entertainer/ celeb fixed into the London/ LA /New York system the need to go outside for help on anything is removed. Personal shoppers/ restaurants, pre booked flights,hotels its all done for you, even who you give TV interviews to.

Occasionally an entertainer/celeb has strong links to an outside world. So in the case of an Australian citizen they may be used to historically more free movement especially if they were involved in the industry pre PR men and handlers. Not so much a screw loose but more a loose cannon dangerous because they may be fighting inner demons of all that they know is wrong.
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