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Exclamation Children of the Square Abyss

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum is the principal memorial and museum commemorating the September 11 attacks of 2001, which killed approximately 3,000 people, and the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, which killed six. The memorial is located at the World Trade Center site, on the former location of the Twin Towers destroyed during the attacks. The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation was renamed the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center in 2007...

According to the Book of Genesis, Pharez/Perez (Hebrew: פֶּרֶץ / פָּרֶץ, "Breach") was the son of Tamar and of Judah, and was the twin of Zerah.The text argues that he was called Perez because he was the first twin to be born, and thus had breached the womb..
The winner of the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition was American architect Michael Arad of Handel Architects, a New York- and San Francisco-based firm. Arad worked with landscape architecture firm Peter Walker and Partners on the design which calls for a forest of trees with two square pools in the center, where the Twin Towers once stood..The footprints of the Twin Towers will be underground, the mu seum pavilion will be between 20 or 23 meters..

333 = 32 × 37/69, Mertens function returns 0, Harshad number. Symbolically used to represent Choronzon, a demon used in the philosophy of Thelema..The novel "The Trick Top Hat", a book of the trilogy "Schrödinger's Cat" by Robert Anton Wilson, features Choronzon. He appears to Joe Malik when having sex with Carol Christmas because her husband cursed her with a loa...The Loa (also Lwa or L'wha) are the spirits of Haitian Vodou. They are also referred to as Mystères and the Invisibles, in which are intermediaries between Bondye (Bon Dieu, or good god)—the Creator, who is distant from the world—and humanity. Unlike saints or angels however, they are not simply prayed to, they are served...Choronzon is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the 16th century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee within the latter's occult system of Enochian magic. In the 20th century he became an important element within the mystical system of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley, where he is the Dweller in the Abyss, believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment..Abyss refers to a bottomless pit, to the underworld, to the deepest ocean floor, or to hell...The Latin word is borrowed from the Greek abussos (also transliterated as abyssos), which is conventionally analyzed as deriving from the Greek element meaning "deep, bottom" with an alpha privative, hence "bottomless... 22 – The Treaty of Saragossa divides the eastern hemisphere between Spain and Portugal, stipulating that the dividing line should lie 297.5 leagues or 17° east of the Moluccas...September 23 – Vienna is besieged by the Turkish forces of Suleiman..Fluorine is first described by Georg Agricola (In stars fluorine is rare compared to other light elements)...Blood libel against the Jewish community of Bosen (formerly in Hungary, today in the Czech Republic), on the first day of Passover. Three Jews are accused and killed, while the boy is discovered alive, kidnapped for the benefit of the scheme...Blood libel (also blood accusation) is a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays...In Earth's crust fluorine is the 13th most abundant element..

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