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Some sources report that the 3rd-century Chancellor (China) Zhuge Liang of the Kingdom of Shu in China invented a land mine type device. This claim was made by Jiao Yu in his Huolongjing Quanzhi (Fire-drake Manual in One Complete Volume), his preface written in 1412 AD (although the book was originally published in the mid 14th century), and that Zhuge had used not only "fire weapons" but land mines in the Battle of Hulugu Valley against the forces of Sima Yi and his son Sima Zhao of the Wei Kingdom..However, this claim is dubious, considering that gunpowder warfare did not exist in China until the advent of the flamethrower (Pen Huo Qi) in the 10th century, while the land mine was not seen in China until the late 13th century.Land mines continue to kill nearly 20,000 people every year, even decades after the ends of the conflicts for which they were placed...
In Funing county of Wenshan prefecture, Yunnan province, one to two people are still hurt every year by landmines, despite many mine clearance projects and warnings and fences set up around mine fields in recent years.Tianpeng village, 600 meters from the China-Vietnam border, was once known in China for its "87 villagers with only 78 legs." Only four of them are still living.The victims can get allowances of 360 yuan ($55) to 5,160 yuan each year, according to the provincial civil affairs bureau. "That is too little for these special groups," said Li Liansu from the civil affairs bureau of Funing county."Despite our efforts in helping them get artificial limbs and with their daily life, we still need to do much more," Li said.
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