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Arrow Place of the Skull

MI6 agent James Bond - '007' - meets a Swiss banker for Sir Robert King, a British tycoon and friend of M..

Following an earlier attempt on his life by MI5,WG was left with brain damage which gradually increased his senses, making him immune to pain...

M = 13

I = 9

13+9+5 = 27

The calvaria (or calva, skullcap, plural calvariae) is the upper part of the cranium and surrounds the cranial cavity containing the brain...

The calvaria (skull cap) is made up of the frontal, occipital and right and left parietals..

The outer surface of the skull possess a number of landmarks. The point at which the two parietal bones and frontal bones meet is known as "Bregma". The point at which the two parietal and occipital bone meet is known as "Lambda" Luke... And when they came to the place which is called The Skull, there they crucified him, and the criminals, one on the right and one on the left...
The zucchetto (Italian: "small gourd") is a small, hemispherical, form-fitting ecclesiastical skullcap, worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church and also used by the higher clergy in Anglicanism as well as in the Eastern Orthodox Church tradition. The plural is zucchetti, and it is also known by the names pilus, pilos, pileus, pileolus (pileolo), subbiretum, submitrale, soli deo ("solideo"), berettino, calotte ("calotta").Its appearance is almost identical to the Jewish kippah (yarmulke)
Place of the Skull...

A skull cup is a drinking vessel or eating bowl made from an inverted human calvaria that has been cut away from the rest of the skull..In India and Tibet the skull cup is known as a Kapala, and is used in Buddhist tantric and Hindu tantric rituals. The skull does not belong to an enemy, and indeed the identity of the skull's original owner is not considered significant, as ritual purity in death has divested the human soul from its corporeal form. Hindu deities such as Kali are sometimes depicted holding a kapala full of human blood...

Calvary or Golgotha was the site, outside of ancient Jerusalem’s early first century walls, at which the crucifixion of Jesus is said to have occurred... Calvary and Golgotha are the English names for the site used in Western Christianity...

Matthew... And when they came to a place called Gol'gotha (which means the place of a skull)...In some Christian and Jewish traditions, the name Golgotha refers to the location of the skull of Adam...

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