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Lightbulb Father MaxiWaxiMass

TTells him a story, sings a song and then lets a deadly poison trickle down his ear..

They spend a day together in the garden..and drink some water from the well...
Sybilla teaches the young king his duties, while he is signing some important documents. After that he puts wax for a seal onto the document. While doing that, some of the wax drops onto his hand but he doesn't seem to notice. His mother and the bishop see it and unlike Sybilla's son, they seem to feel the pain...

Later that evening,doctors come to examine the boy.. While one of them is distracting the boy with a doll, another one inserts a needle into his foot. The boy does not feel anything but Sybilla is shocked..
M. leprae is an aerobic bacillus (rod-shaped) surrounded by the characteristic waxy coating unique to mycobacteria.. In size and shape, it closely resembles Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Due to its thick waxy coating, M. leprae stains with a carbol fuchsin rather than with the traditional Gram stain.. The culture takes several weeks to mature..

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