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In this Video Grand Secretary, answers many of the questions asked of Masons..
A Galley Slave was a slave rowing in a galley. The expression has two distinct meanings: it can refer either to a convicted criminal sentenced to work at the oar, or to a kind of human chattel, often a prisoner of war, assigned to his duty of rowing...

9 Mile Speed March - as a formed body in 90 minutes carrying 21 lb (9.5 kg) fighting order and personal weapon...

Legio Nona Hispana (9th Spanish Legion) was a Roman legion which operated from the 1st century BCE until mid-2nd century CE. The Spanish Legion's eventual fate is uncertain. It ceased to exist after it was recorded as based in Scotland in about 117 CE and there is evidence that it was destroyed in action there, inspiring several works of fiction and movies. Others suggest that it was transferred out of Britain sometime between 108 and the early 120s. Suggestions for its destruction include its loss during action in Scotland, in the Roman-Parthian Wars or during the Bar Kokhba Revolt of 132–136 CE. It is mentioned as being stationed to help rebuild the legionary fortress at York (Eboracum) in 107–108 CE and tile stamps at Nijmegen showing that it or at least part of it was there later...

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