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Arrow Re In Car Polluting Vehicle Nations

The realm of the Demi-gods (Asuras or Titans) in the lower heavens consists of ferocious ugly jealous male demi-gods that are in constant battle with the Gods of the realm of Gods for power and happiness...

They embody the ego's striving for power. They never win as the Gods themselves had created the Karma to be able to enjoy their positions.

The female Demi-gods are no less jealous and acquisitive, but they win their wars not by force but by seduction and enchantment. Demi-gods are god-like in their power and vigour though not at all happy.

Others' success, possessions and qualities make them feel enviously belittled. The deep contentment which others gain from their good fortune leads them to struggle vigorously and violently to grab it for themselves...
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"Human Demi-gods" are not uncommon in the world of politics, business and organized crimes, and many walks of life where many already somewhat relatively well-to-do people continually try to outdo each other in every aspect of their life - be it career positions, possession of materials wealth or even family.
This is often done at dreadful costs...even the Air is not fit to Breathe...Totally Outrageous..

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