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Question Independance Day

Farage was born at Farnborough, Kent, on 3 April 1964, to Guy Farage and Barbara Stevens. His father was a stockbroker in the City who left the family home when Nigel was five years old. Farage was educated at Dulwich College. In 1982 he joined the London commodity brokerage firm Drexel Burnham Lambert. In 1986, he joined Credit Lyonnais Rouse. He joined Refco in 1994, and Natexis Metals in 2003..
A broker is an individual or party (brokerage firm) that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller, and gets a commission when the deal is executed.Drexel Burnham Lambert was a major Wall Street investment banking firm, which first rose to prominence and then was forced into bankruptcy in February 1990 by its involvement in illegal activities in the junk bond market, driven by Drexel employee Michael Milken. At its height, it was the fifth-largest investment bank in the United States.I.W. "Tubby" Burnham, a 1931 graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, founded the firm in 1935..Natixis is a French corporate and investment bank created in November 2006 from the merger of the asset management and investment banking operations of Natexis Banque Populaire (Banque Populaire group) and IXIS (Groupe Caisse d'Epargne).
Farage has been married twice. He married GrĂ¡inne Hayes in 1988, by whom he has two children: Samuel (1989) and Thomas (1991). The marriage was dissolved in 1997. In 1999 he married Kirsten Mehr, a German national, and they have two children, Victoria (born 2000) and Isabelle (born 2005)...

Farage has published a book of memoirs, entitled "mein kampf", alternative title Fighting Bull (Flying Free in paperback), outlining the founding of UKIP and his personal and political life so far...
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