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Default The Real Visible?

Mr. Visible is not who you think he is.

First I would like to say that 98% of the information provided by Mr. Visible is correct essentially. I have followed this man for a number of years on a weekly basis so that is not the issue at hand. My concern has always been with this persons character or core qualities.

Yesterday I found out, at least for myself, what type of person this guy is.

I have included the following information to support my evaluation.

The following events began on Dec. 17, 2012.

I originally posted a comment on his Origame Page.

The Post:

Anonymous said...


"Do not be fooled by what you see and experience in India. As you have already observed India is not part of the real world. If you are here now you are under their black magic spells. It took me 20 years before I could actually experience the truth about India. I have been here now 38 years. They are the grand masters of illusion and deceit which they are proud of.". So in response to some of the other commentators request I penned the following remarks.

My response to other commentators responses.

Just to let each know I am not just some idiot spouting nonsense I will share a brief history.

I am 68 years old American visiting and living in India for 38 years. I graduated from Stanford University in Western Psychology, Philosophy and Religion completing a 4 year program in 1 year. I have a Ph.D in Vedanta, Sanskrit and Buddhist psychology completing the 4 year program in two years (California Institute of Integral/Asian Studies). When I heard Visible was coming to India I was joyous. Then yesterday after reading his page I realized he was in Thiruvannamalai so I contacted him by email. Here is the missive.

Dec. 17, 2012

Greetings Sir

Please do not be fooled by what you see or experience. India is corrupt and evil to the core. They are really part of the hybrid Lemurian genetics. I am an American visiting and living in India for 38 years. I reside now permanently in Thiruvannamalai. If you are interested to be enlightened to the ways of India please contact me for a personal appointment. If you respond to this email I will give you my phone number.

Also this book will give you many insights as to the ways of India.

"Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies" written by Abbe J. A. Dubois a French abbot who spent over 30 years in India. approx. 200 years ago. I can tell you very, very little has changed since then. The book is available at the Ramana Ashram book store.

Much thanks

Mr. Kenneth

__________________________________________________ ______________

Then I receive the following reply within 20 minutes.

From: lesvisible

To: K.

Sent: Monday, December 17, 2012 11:58 AM

Subject: Re: India


I am okay with meeting with you but I do not find it evil here and do not expect to. My feeling is that people bring their evil with them and I have no intention of carrying any evil with me.

Warm Regards,


__________________________________________________ ______________


At once I realized Mr. Visible was not open to comments and authenticated information about India. So I replied with the following:


Thanks for the reply. From your unenlightened response I see there is no reason to meet. Read the book please if you are not afraid to 'know'!

Sorry to have bothered you.

__________________________________________________ _____________


Communication finished from my side.


Then the morning of Dec. 18th I received the following email from Mr. Visible.

"pedantic individuals in love with their own idea of knowledge, always reject those who do know. Tell me, with your books and education, do as many people read you as me? Do so many people love you? No, they do not. You have hate in your heart and you are arrogant. God is going to break your proud spirit and I promise you he will do this before Christmas. Then you will beg me for mercy and I will give it; were it the other way, you would not."


__________________________________________________ _________________


Folks, with unbiased minds, please explain why Mr. Visible is responding in such a way to someone who has followed his works for the past 4 years. I just offered to share some information with him. I see his last remarks as threatening. What kind of god does he worship? His projections are a form of Black Magic. I asked you did I awaken a negative force in him when I used those words in my first email?

For those who want more information about India reads the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Srimad Bhagavatam, the Puranas and especially the book quoted above in my first email.

I conclude with Mr. Visible own comment.... "pedantic individuals in love with their own idea of knowledge, always reject those who do know". Is this a 'confession'?... it certainly is a 'projection' as well as an insight into Mr. Visible true nature.

I will not play Mr. Visible game by responding to his last email.

I am sure most here will reject these comments so there is no reason for me to continue any further dialogue.

You are always welcome to visit me but please come with a pre-formatted brain. Just asked for the American with the fuschia colored turban. Most everyone knows me in this town.



P.S. A quote by Winston Churchill regarding India (around 1945) "The people of India are beastly and their religion is beastly also". Always have been and always will be. It is India's genetics (Alpha Draconis hybrids)

__________________________________________________ _____________________

Now this is where it gets interested. Mr. Visible refuses to post the above response.

Why is this? and what is he affraid of? Do we have to kiss his ass just to get something posted? I simply asked this person if he would like to get together to speak about India and now he has threaten me with God's damnation and refuse to post my remarks. I ask you what kind of person is this?


P.S. I just revisited Mr. Visible site a few minutes ago and I find the following comment by him:

"Dr. Kenneth; if that is your name. You are living here in this town and you have all these PHD's and have been living here for decades. When you write to tell me that India is evil, very evil and that the Indian people are evil, it sets my antenna trembling. I can't accept that and know it is untrue. The welcome I have received here is the finest I have ever received.

What I wrote back to you had nothing to do with me. It is what the divine told me to say. Now you are coming around and making all kinds of strange comments, seeking to wind me up and engage the other readers in a shitstorm of controversy. The readers aren't going to appreciate it and I am not going to publish them. That's how it is. I don't know what you game is but it's not going to play here.

Now this person is telling me it is not 'him' but 'the divine' has spoken to him and have directed him (Les) to inform me something will happen to me. The last time this excuse "god made me do it" or "god has spoken to me", etc; was from the mouths of people such as Charles Manson, Son of Sam, Bundy and many other deranged people.

All I ask is he let the readers decide. Is he their leader? Is this some kind of cult? Does he not believe his followers can think for themselves? Post my comments and let your readers decide I ask. He and other continue to write about my original comment but will not allow me to respond.

This is why I conclude this Mr. Visible is not who most people think he is. He uses 'truth' as a cover for his nefarious motivations.






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