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Lightbulb Phone Perse

At my heart inside a red phenomena source, a doubletetrahedron, is a moon mandala. In the centre of this is a letter BAM encircled by a mantra rosary. From these light rays radiate, leaving through the pores of my skin...

At my heart, in the centre of a phenomena source and moonseat, is a letter BAM which is the nature of the four elements..

In the centre, the crescent moon, drop, and nada of the letter BAM, whose nature is the union of my very subtle red and white drops...

Bringing death into the path of the Truth Body
This very letter BaM expands and spreads to the ends
of space whereby all worlds and their beings become the
nature of bliss and emptiness. Once again, contracting
gradually from the edges, it becomes an extremely minute
letter BAM which dissolves in stages from the bottom up
into the nada. Then even the nada disappears and becomes
the Truth Body of inseparable bliss and emptiness...

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