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Cylinder seals are a form of impression seal, a category which includes the stamp seal and finger ring seal. They survive in fairly large numbers and are often important as art, especially in the Babylonian and earlier Assyrian periods... Impressions into a soft material can be taken without risk of damage to the seal, and they are often displayed in museums together with a modern impression on a small strip..

Typically about one inch in length, engraved with written characters or figurative scenes or both, used in ancient times to roll an impression onto a two-dimensional surface, generally wet clay.. Cylinder seals were invented around 3500 BC in the Near East, at the contemporary site of Susa in south-western Iran and at the early site of Uruk in southern Mesopotamia. They are linked to the invention of the latter cuneiform writing on clay cylinders... ships fleeing the Black Death plague in Kaffa stop in Constantinople, contaminating the city...September 1 – The Black Death reaches the French city of Marseilles..October – Ships arrive in southern Italy with the Black Plague...Pope Clement VI unites several of Rome's upper-class nobility, who drive Cola di Rienzo out of the city.... Mamluke Empire was hit by the plague in the autumn. Baghdad was hit in the same year..
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