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Originally Posted by luv evreone View Post
Nope, apologies, i made a mistake.

There were two interviews with VILE that i had lost track of....

One is the ANeil interview on ''Is this your life'' that he has now found.

(All i could find was written details about the show, i asked around and nobody could find it online.)

The second was a Krishnan Guru-Murthy interview (i think also from C4, that's another reason i was mixed up) where some ''youths'' put some pressing questions to VILE, there is a clip below. It would be interesting to get the whole tape though? and OFC, as well the Neil interview. The only mention i can find about the details on that one was that VILE came across as rather grumpy.
Interesting video, and yes, the whole thing would be good to see. I noted this from the text by Krishnan Guru-Murthy:

"Janet Street Porter, who says she knew about Savile when she was at the BBC, was my boss at the time. She didn’t produce Open to Question, but she was the executive in charge as head of youth programmes.

I can only assume she did not know about the Savile allegations at the precise time that her new young presenter was in a studio filled with teenagers and Jimmy Savile."

... Never assume Krishnan, never assume! I'm sure she knew alright.
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