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Exclamation XY MaX ThY DoT

In mathematics and physics, the right-hand rule is a common mnemonic for understanding notation conventions for vectors in 3 dimensions. It was invented for use in electromagnetism by British physicist John Ambrose Fleming in the late 19th century..A different form of the right-hand rule, sometimes called the right-hand grip rule or the corkscrew-rule or the right-hand thumb rule, is used in situations where a vector must be assigned to the rotation of a body, a magnetic field or a fluid...Normally, for an electromagnetic wave, the electric and magnetic fields, and the direction of propagation of the wave obey the right-hand rule. However, left-handed materials have special properties, notably the negative refractive index... Arissona, namesnake of the U.S. state Arizona, is founded in what is now that state..George Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney, becomes the first Field Marshal of Great Britain...Leonhard Euler produces the first published proof of Fermat's "little theorem"..For example, if a = 2 and p = 7, 27 = 128, and 128 − 2 = 7 × 18 is an integer multiple of 7...The 1734 Tradition is a tradition of Traditional Witchcraft founded by the American Joseph Wilson, who developed it between 1964 and 1972 and founded the tradition in late 1973 and early 1974. It was largely based upon the teachings which he received from an English Traditional Witch named Robert Cochrane, the founder of Cochrane's Craft..

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