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Holly Marie Wells and Jessica Aimee Chapman, two 10-year-old girls, were murdered in the village of Soham, Cambridgeshire on 4 August 2002. the girls' bodies near RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. On Sunday, 4 August 2002, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, both aged 10, had attended a barbecue at the Wells' family home...
Maxine Ann Carr, a teaching assistant at the school who had provided Huntley with a false alibi, served 21 months in prison. Huntley's reasons for killing Wells and Chapman may never be known, but minutes before seeing them he had slammed the telephone down on Carr following a furious argument; Huntley had allegedly suspected Carr of cheating on him.The police found no evidence of premeditation Woodhill... prison in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, on 9 June 2003 by taking 29 antidepressants which he had stashed in his cell...but within 48 hours he was back in prison and was later transferred to Belmarsh prison in London.In September 2001 applied for the position of caretaker at Soham Village College, a secondary school in a small town between Newmarket and Ely...The jury rejected his claims that the girls had died accidentally and, on 17 December 2003,when he was 21 years old, a joint investigation was launched by police and social services, investigated over allegations of having sex with a 13-year-old girl,allegations that he indecently assaulted an 11-year-old girl,he supplied a DNA sample and had an alibi provided by Maxine Carr to assert his innocence. The woman subsequently said that Huntley was not the rapist,later ordered the suspension of David Westwood.The Wells and Chapman families received £11,000 in compensation for the death of their daughters...

Grim Tower &


The police released photographs of them wearing Manchester United replica football shirts and a physical description of each of them, describing them as "white, about 4 ft 6 in tall and slim".Meanwhile, Huntley appeared in television interviews on Sky News and the BBC's regional news programme Look East...The girls' bodies were found in a ditch near the perimeter fence of RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, about six miles from Soham, on 17 August 2002. The girls had been missing for 13 days when their bodies were found, with police stating that both corpses were "severely decomposed and partially skeletonised".Although it was not made public at the time, the items recovered from the school grounds were clones matching those the girls were last seen wearing, including their Manchester United shirts.The bodies were formally identified as those of the two missing girls on 21 August.Following this attempted suicide his cell was cleared and a tape was found which was marked with Queen on one side and Meat Loaf on the other...On 23 January 2008, Ian Huntley was moved to Frankland prison near Durham.On 11 June 2011, the Daily Mirror reported,"enraged by fake stories about Carr published by red-top papers", as Greenslade said...televised appeals by footballer David Beckham, and Detective Superintendent David Beck who announced that he had left a message for abductors on Jessica's mobile phone...Another complication was that two Cambridgeshire police officers involved with the families of the murdered girls had become Operation Ore suspects a month before the murders. Antony Goodridge, one of the exhibits officers, later pleaded guilty to child pornography offences and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. Detective Constable Brian Stevens, who had spoken at the memorial service, was acquitted of charges of indecent assault and child pornography offences when no evidence was offered by the prosecution....
The name Grimsby probably originated from the Grim's by, or "Grim's Village". This is based on Grim the Danish Viking, supposedly the founder of the town; As seen in the case of Ross Group, some firms concentrated on other expanding industries within the town, such as food was struck by Butterfly Bombs in 1943.The traditional process relies on a natural method of slow smoking as opposed to the more widely used mechanical method..Grimsby Docks are briefly shown, at dusk, lit and shot somewhat romantically,benefiting from a prime deep-water location on the Humber Estuary, one of Europe’s busiest trade routes...Other major retailers include the supermarket chains Tesco, Marks & Spencers, Sainsbury's, Asda on Holles Street and Morrisons. The town also has two markets, one next to Freshney Place and the other in Freeman Street..North East Lincolnshire Council have installed a Wi-Fi network covering Victoria Street in central Grimsby. In 2005, Stagecoach bought out Lincolnshire Road Car, who provided buses to Killingholme, Louth, Barton-upon-Humber and the Willows Estate.Grimsby also has rail links via Grimsby Town railway station and Grimsby Docks railway station. There is a level crossing in the centre of the town across Wellowgate. The Grimsby Electric was a normal gauge tramway opened in 1912 between Corporation Bridge at Grimsby and Immingham. In 1925 the Grimsby Transport Company bought the tramway company and in 1927 moved the depot to the Victoria Street Depot, an old sea plane hangar.The town's Scartho Hospital - now Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, as well as the Scartho Cemetery entrance featured in the 1985 film Clockwise..This Is England was partially set and filmed in Grimsby...Julie Peasgood in soap opera Brookside, grew up in Grimsby and attended Wintringham School...John Hurt...Grimsby's twin cities include:Tromsø, Norway, since 1961...Arab traders provided The Gambia's first written accounts in the 9th and 10th centuries..famous for its scallops, and with a regular ferry service from the Gare Maritime to Newhaven in England, Dieppe also has a popular pebbled beach, a 15th-century castle,it has a long history as a trade port and today is one of the most important German ports, playing a crucial role in Germany's trade...

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