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Lightbulb Fifth Degree of Illumination

Notre Dame de Paris...
The site of the Druidic Oracle of Mars...

In Grail symbolism depicted by the pelican,the bird wounds its own Breast to feed its young...

Such an initiate lived for the perpetuation of his of her own people for Instance ,the Persian,the Egyptian,the Greek or the Israelite and dedicated his life to their service.He now worked within a conscious unity of Folk spirit of his own people.He could now suffer the responsibility of speaking for his own Karmic community...The Fifth centre is the throat chakra and is one of the higher ones.....

In the bindu or point above the mantra resides the deity Sadashiva, who has 5 faces and 10 arms. The right side of his body is a white Shiva, and the left half of the body is a golden Shakti. He is holding a trident, chisel, sword, vajra, fire, a great snake, a bell, a goad, and a noose, and is making the gesture of dispelling fear. He is clad in a tiger skin. His Shakti is Shakini, who is shining white, with five faces, three eyes each, and four armed, with a bow and arrow, noose, and goad, and seated on a red lotus...

It is associated with communication and demands that a distinction be made between purposeful words and thought,and those which are idle and meaningless noise.It is the centre of both speech and inner hearing,and is connected with the power of sound... Shirakawa ascends to the throne of Japan...Chancellor Wang Anshi of Song Dynasty China creates a new bureau of the central government called the Directorate of Weapons...David the Builder, King of Georgia..

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