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Originally Posted by 5swan View Post
"Bogus" "Troll"

... these are the words that describe my first thread... whereas i was being sincere and open to discussions...

... Yes, bogus... since i have been rambling without much contribution... i figure important stuff has already been said multiple times.

... a conspiracy version of the world "bogus"

... as i was considering to become an ex-mason... i was sincerely looking for some inputs - thanks Busa
I wish you Well ...
The origin of the vampire stories are the blood drinking and blood sucking rituals of the Brotherhood and their ‘energy sucking’ rituals, also. The vampire stories put the truth before our eyes in a way that we think is only fiction. This is something the Brotherhood loves to do via its biggest vehicle for communication, Hollywood, a name which comes from the holly bush, the holly (holy) wood of the Druid magicians. Hollywood is called a place of magic. Exactly what it is. It’s playing with our minds, manipulating illusions...

Black swans are profound occult symbols used in rituals and were the seal of the infamous Satanist, Catherine de Medici, who, Arizona Wilder says, was a previous incarnation of the Queen Mother. They appear most obviously in the ballet, Swan Lake, when the black swan, symbolising the negative female energy, kills the white swan, symbolising the positive..

Project Monarch slaves who rebel are told that they will be “Turned into swans”...

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