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Lightbulb Of Heaven

These hellish planets are all operating continuously without cessation...

The demoniac become ensnared and entangled caught in the net of illusion even as fish are ensnared and caught by a fisherman's net in water...

Oxted appears in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Acstede, meaning 'Place where oaks grew'... It was held by Eustace II of Boulogne. Its Domesday assets were: 5 hides; 1 church, 2 mills worth 12s 6d, 20 ploughs, 4 acres (16,000 m2) of meadow, pannage worth 100 hogs. It rendered £14 and 2d from a house in Southwark. The Greenwich Meridian runs directly alongside it passing through Oxted School. It contains 23 classrooms... Former Pupil Ronnie Biggs, perpetrator of the Great Train Robbery of 1963...There is also one private school, Hazelwood...

Bloodlines connect with the key centres of London and Paris.Two energies interacting produce a third,bloodlines are also obsessed with astrology and the esoteric arts,so when we change what is happening within us, we change our physical experience because one is a reflection of the other. It is this ‘magnetic’ attraction of like vibration to like vibration that leads to people living in streets of a certain name or having relationships with those of a certain name, etc., because everything has its own vibrational code, including sounds, numbers, words, colours and names. In ritual magic the correct sounds, words, incantations, and colours, are all used to manifest a desired energy field or vibratory field. Sound is especially important and this is why the Phoenicians were concerned more with the sound of their words than their spelling. Mantras, the constant repeating of the same phrase or sound, are part of this same knowledge. And, like all knowledge, they can be used for good or ill. At the highest level of the black magicians who control the Brotherhood networks,had long been planned according to their ancient ritual's...

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