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Lightbulb Mr Wonderful

Hasnat Ahmad Khan, PHD, FRCS, (b. April 1, 1959 in okara Pakistan) is a British Pakistani. He is an ethnic Pashtun who is a practicing heart and lung surgeon. He has previously worked with Harefield Hospital in London, England. He is reported to be planning to return to Pakistan to accept a post at a hospital in Lahore. Khan is known to have been doing a lot of charity work in Africa and Asia, and it is reported that all of his recent surgeries have been for charity...
Khan has been widely identified as an "ex-lover" and "boyfriend" of Diana, Princess of Wales. The relationship ended in July 1997, according to Paul Burrell, Diana's butler.In March 2008, Khan said in a written statement to Lord Justice Scott Baker's inquest into Diana's death that their relationship had begun in the late summer of 1995, and that although they had talked about getting married, he believed that he would find the inevitable media attention "hell". He also said that he believed that the accident which caused Diana's death was a "tragic accident"...

Khan had met Diana at the Royal Brompton Hospital, where she was visiting a friend recovering from heart surgery. They pursued a discreet two-year affair that finished a few months before her death in a car crash in 1997. Diana's friends are reported to have described Khan as the 'love of her life' and to have spoken of her distress when he ended their relationship. He, however, is said to be reticent about speaking of how much he may have meant to her or even how much she meant to him. Many of Diana's friends believe she was using Dodi Fayed in order to make Hasnat jealous and win him back...

Khan, whom Diana had famously described as "Mr Wonderful", married 28-year-old Hadia Sher Ali, a Pakistani descendant from former Afghan royalty, in a small ceremony in Pakistan in May 2006...In July 2008 Khan and Ali filed an application for divorce in the local arbitration council of Islamabad. Kamran Cheema, the chairman of the council, heard their case and decided to issue the divorce certificate. Sources say there were "multiple reasons" for their separation...Okara (Urdu: اوكاڑه‎), is the capital city of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Okara is also known as Mini Lahore. The name Okara is derived from Okaan, the name of a type of tree. The city is located southwest of the city of Lahore and is famous for its agriculture-based economy and cotton mills. The nearest major city to Okara is Sahiwal,formerly known as Montgomery. Okara is now the part of Sahiwal Division...,_Pakistan
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