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Lightbulb Kether to Tiphareth

Bond uses a stacked tarot deck of cards, that show only "The Lovers", and then seduces her. Solitaire loses her ability to foretell the future when she loses her virginity ...
As well as being master of the dead, Baron Samedi is also a giver of life. He can cure any mortal of any disease or wound, if he thinks it is worthwhile. His powers are especially great when it comes to voodoo curses and black magic. Even if somebody has been afflicted by a hex which brings them to the verge of death, they will not die if the Baron refuses to dig their grave. So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground, they are safe. He also ensures all corpses rot in the ground to stop any soul from being brought back as a brainless zombie...

Samādhi is the only stable unchanging reality; all else is ever-changing and does not bring everlasting peace or happiness.Entering samādhi initially takes great willpower and maintaining it takes even more will. The beginning stages of samādhi are only temporary. By "effort" it is not meant that the mind has to work more. Instead, it means work to control the mind and release the self...Samatha/samādhi meditation and vipassana/insight meditation are the two wheels of the chariot of the noble eightfold path and the Buddha strongly recommended developing them both...

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