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Lightbulb Pan O Rama

Pan (Greek πᾶν, pan, "all", "of everything", "involving all members" of a group)Another term for the pan flute is syrinx. The Ramayana speaks of how the Goddess Earth (Bhumidevi), came to the Lord Creator, Brahma begging to be rescued from evil kings who were plundering her resources and destroying life through bloody wars and evil conduct. The Devs also came to Brahma fearful of the rule of Ravana, the ten-headed rakshas emperor of Lanka. Ravana had overpowered the Devs and now ruled the heavens, the earth and the netherworlds. Although a powerful and noble monarch, he was also arrogant, destructive and a patron of evil doers. He had boons that gave him immense strength and was invulnerable to all living and celestial beings, except man and animals...

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