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Exclamation Construct a Geodesic Dome

A geodesic grid is a technique used to model the surface of a sphere (such as the Earth) with a subdivided polyhedron, usually an icosahedron.A geodesic grid is a global Earth reference that uses cells or tiles to statistically represent data encoded to the area covered by the cell location. The focus of the discrete cells in a geodesic grid reference is different from that of a conventional lattice-based Earth reference where the focus is on a continuity of points used for addressing location and navigation...

When modeling the weather, ocean circulation, or the climate, partial differential equations are used to describe the evolution of these systems over time. Because computer programs are used to build and work with these complex models, approximations need to be formulated into easily computable forms. Some of these numerical analysis techniques (such as finite differences) require the area of interest to be subdivided into a grid — in this case, over the shape of the Earth.

In use since 1956 many of the radome-geodesic structures, referred to as ‘Golfballs,’ were conceived by Buckminster Fuller. Many are still in service. After having failed to introduce his radical concept of the Dymaxion House (from 1927/29!), which was ‘a hexagonal ring of dwelling-space, walled in double skins of plastic in different transparencies according to lighting needs, and hung by wires from the apex of a central duralumin mast which also housed all the mechanical services’, Buckminster Fuller turned with his Dome concepts to the US military, after he discovered a way to construct the type of ‘minimum structure/maximum volume’ enclosure that he believed was necessary to defeat the old economy of scarcity and exploitation in the real world.
The quadrilateralized spherical cube is a kind of geodesic grid based on subdividing a cube into equal-area cells that are approximately square...
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