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Arrow 'Do as We Say, Not as We Do'

Originally Posted by mike martin View Post
Freemason morality is summed up with "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
Or practise what you preach

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, vodka in one hand, Cigar in the other - body thoroughly shagged, totally worn out, and screaming -WOO HOO! Mike Martin Freemason.
No Thanks...

Thousands of Russians may have been poisoned by bootleg alcohol containing medical disinfectant causing drinkers' skin to turn yellow before they fall dangerously ill or die.On the Pskov express I had played chess with a couple of Russians, the vodka bottles had come out, and soon every move of a pawn was celebrated with a toast.If you're interested, I was about to win when the Russian bloke nicked my queen - anyway, I had had enough to drink to kill a small horse.
There is something about the light - or the lack of it - that eats the soul in Russia, that makes you drink. The dark days in winter, the grimness of ordinary life. They say one in six Russians is an alcoholic... That is why President Putin, the former KGB man, is something of a puritan - at least in public.He has brought in a series of laws, tripling the price of vodka and threatening dire penalties if people drink black market moonshine, which they call samogon... And that is, of course, what everybody who can't afford shop-bought vodka does.Across Russia as a whole, officials have not counted, but some estimate 10,000 poison cases and 1,000 dead.They called it the yellow death. It started in the summer when dozens of people turned up in casualty, a vile shade of yellow...
The dozens turned to hundreds, then a thousand. The better cases recovered, but will die long before their time.The worst cases? Natasha is not yet 30, she's got a seven-year-old boy called Maxim and she has less than a year to live.Her whole body has gone yellow - an instantly recognisable feature of toxic hepatitis.Something has destroyed her liver and now all the natural toxins in the body are stacking up.Her own body is poisoning her and there is nothing medicine - or at least nothing state medicine in Russia - can do about it.Natasha and everyone else in the hospital corridors had bought samogon, moonshine, as usual - but something had been added to it...

They'll be whispering to themselves how much weight I've lost and how yellow my skin is...

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