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Lightbulb Elvisaurus

Cryolophosaurus (meaning "cold crest lizard") was a large theropod dinosaur, with a crest on its head that looked like a Spanish comb. Due to the resemblance of this feature to Elvis Presley's pompadour haircut from the 1950s, this dinosaur was at one point informally known as "Elvisaurus"...Although the evidence is rare, fossils reveal that there were dinosaurs in New Zealand. Possibly because it lacks the right conditions for fossilisation, only 200 t-rexs full skeletal structure have been found and fragments of bone and a few vertebrae have been found there. Marine fossils are more common than fossils of land animals in New Zealand because dead animals and plants are easily preserved in sand and mud. Therefore, some fossils of large marine reptiles are nearly complete, and so can be identified to species...Tuatara,("peaks on the back") the common (Māori) name for three species of reptile in the Sphenodon genus, is referred to as a "living dinosaur"...
Moanasaurus ( Māori moana "sea" and Greek sauros "lizard"; meaning "Sea Lizard") was a genus of mosasaur from the Late Cretaceous period. Its fossil remains have been discovered in the North Island of New Zealand. Moanasaurus was a very large mosasaurine known originally from a disarticulated skull, vertebrae, ribs and paddle bones. It reached 12 m in length and the skull is 78 cm, which shows that Moanasaurus was one of the largest in the family of mosasaurinae...
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