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Lightbulb Fakery & Forgery

Alicia Esteve Head (born July 31, 1973) is a Spanish woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Center September 11 attacks under the name Tania Head. She joined the support group The World Trade Center Survivors' Network, later becoming its president. Her name was regularly mentioned in media reports of the attacks. Head was chosen to lead tours for the Tribute W.T.C. Visitor Center for visitors including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former New York Governor George Pataki. Head made many speeches at colleges and with support groups, recounting her story as a survivor of the 9/11 attacks.Head regularly recounted her claims to Ground Zero tour groups in vivid detail, saying, "I was there at the towers. I'm a survivor.I'm going to tell you about that."
In September 2007, The New York Times sought to verify key details of Head's story. Head backed out of three scheduled interviews, and later refused to speak to reporters. The New York Times contacted other members of the Survivors’ Network, some of whom unsuccessfully urged Head to speak to the reporters. The New York Times' probe raised questions about the veracity of Head's story and by the week of 27 September 2007, the Network voted to remove her as president and as a director of the group.
FAKERS is a sharp, fast moving tale of blackmail and forgery set in the upper echelons of the international art society. Set in present day London and 1911 Italy.
In February 2008, an email sent from a Spanish account to members of the World Trade Center Survivors Network claimed that Head had committed suicide. However, in the documentary The 9/11 Faker broadcast in September 2008, Head's whereabouts were said to be unknown...
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